AI Divination Experiment #1, January 2022

A browser-based poetry work designed to look like a vintage computer terminal. An AI—trained on Alison Parrish’s Gutenberg poetry corpus—generates a line of poetry, which is then sent through Google Image API to collect a random image(s) deemed related by the algorithm. Find the website here. Click the screen to show a new line and layer another image. The piece was inspired by I Ching’s The Book of Changes, Tan Lin’s ambient poetics, and Instagram screenshot chainmail of the early 2010s.

The project is interested in excavating the public—digital—unconscious. This is the first of my experiments with this broad goal. CSZ0B is the second.

Coded and designed using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. To save computing power (and my money), I have terminated the ability to generate any new lines, instead recycling already generated lines.

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